What we do

Project Management and IT experts analyse operational requirements and technological infrastructure in order to determine the most suitable solutions for each Customer.

CRM Check-Up & Customizing

From the Customer Journey As Is to a better Customer Journey To Be

Organizational and technological assessment of CRM.

System consolidation, revision of procedures and definition of interventions.

Development of tailor-made tools and applications.

System Integration & software licensing

Synergy, functionality, and data security

We connect different platforms and systems with a transversal approach thanks to GDPR compliant infrastructures.

Cloud Contact Center

Plug&Play solution to manage your Customers’ requests

Sophisticated virtual PBX: Client VPN platform for inbound/outbound interactions with centralized reporting.

IT support and consulting.

Service Design

Process know-how and expertise on complex Services

Graphical representation and consulting on Customer Journey, to identify touchpoints that can be connected, improved, deepened, made more efficient and customer friendly.


The true digital customer experience

Technology is the backbone of what we do, together with people.

Everyday we choose highly innovative solutions, which are scalable and modular according to each project.

However, technology is nothing without the human component. This is the reason why we invest in continuous training: we want to connect digital and individuals to create customized and performing ecosystems.

CX Centax infrastructure consists in:

  • +400 LINES, supported by ACD systems
  • +280 WORKSTATIONS on site
  • +350 REMOTE smart workstations
  • +10 QUALIFIED IT Specialists
  • 3 DATA CENTERS (1 in house and 2 remote)
  • +15 CX APPLICATIONS used in different Services
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