Why Choosing Centax?


  • Over 25 years of history and know-how in the efficient management of complex, flexible and omnichannel processes, 24/7

  • Verticality on Customer Centric areas: Finance, Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Innovative Services, Pharma, No Profit, Telco, Automotive
  • Measurable quality and lower total cost than competitors (thanks to our “one-contact-solution” approach)


  • Young and qualified people with high level of education

  • High Employee Experience

  • 100% regular hired staff (CCNL Telco)


  • Innovative and tailor-made solutions for different scenarios

  • System Integration

  • Business continuity and compliance with the strongest security protocols

Why Choosing Centax?

People beyond numbers

[430+ Front and Back End Agents]

Our aim is to guarantee an excellent Customer Experience. That’s why we invest everyday in people who believe and share CX Centax vision: they’re the engine of our growth.

A qualified, motivated and gratified team is the fundamental added value that helps our Partners to take up and overcome every new challenge with professionality and competence.


Under 30




Graduated/University students



CX Centax is…

  • OMNICHANNEL for each touchpoint of the Customer Journey
  • MULTISECTORIAL and vertical on various areas
  • INNOVATIVE and proactive, with a focus on continuous improvement
  • PROFITABLE for its Customers, thanks to the “one-contact-solution” approach and a lower total cost

  • MEASURABLE thanks to data reports and advanced analysis tools
  • QUALIFIED thanks to skilled and trained Agents
  • CAREFUL with its employees, all hired with CCNL
  • OPERATING also in smartworking, if necessary
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