What we do

We are considered a trusted partner, aware of our mission: looking after the most important asset, our customers’ customers.

  • Valuing relationships with Customers
  • Increasing loyalty and Satisfaction
  • Managing precisely and timely every request
  • Well-structured business processes
  • Efficientamento dei processi aziendali
  • Understanding Customer needs for marketing purpose (offer customization)
  • Process Service Design with a consultancy approach
  • Management of 24/7 assistance Services
  • Omnichannel interactions (call, emails, chat, tickets, social networks, …)
  • System Integration and creation of customized CRM/Trouble Ticketing solutions
  • Multisectoral vertical expertise
  • Very high first level resolution rate (one-contact-solution)
  • Remote resolution of maintenance issues
  • Precise and timely management of each request
  • Interventions’ lead time reduction
  • Mapping and sizing of recurring problems
  • Control of technical performance
  • System Integration and creation of customized CRM/Trouble Ticketing solutions
  • Constant interaction with maintenance network and logistic partners
  • Agents with high technical and IT profile
  • Very high first level resolution (one-contact-solution)
  • Real-time data monitoring and analysis
  • Optimization of administrative, commercial and accounting processes
  • Customer friendly document management
  • CX Digital platform: professional tool, totally customizable
  • Document control
  • Technological solutions for digital signature and facial recognition (DVO)
  • Compliance with best practices
  • Acquiring information on current or potential customers
  • Acknowledging satisfaction degree for products/services
  • Understanding Customer needs for marketing purposes (offer customization)
  • Performance evaluation on external networks/partner/franchise
  • Omnichannel surveys
  • Ability to switch from face2face, to CAWI and CATI, without overlapping or data loss.
  • Matching surveys with co-marketing initiatives

The true digital customer experience

Technology is the backbone of what we do, together with people.

Everyday we choose highly innovative solutions, which are scalable and modular according to each project.

However, technology is nothing without the human component. This is the reason why we invest in continuous training: we want to connect digital and individuals to create customized and performing ecosystems.

CX Centax infrastructure consists in:

  • +400 LINES, supported by ACD systems
  • +280 WORKSTATIONS on site
  • +350 REMOTE smart workstations
  • +10 QUALIFIED IT Specialists
  • 3 DATA CENTERS (1 in house and 2 remote)
  • +15 CX APPLICATIONS used in different Services
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