Total Customer Management

From a generation of opportunity to a successful Customer eXperience:

We set ourselves as trusted partners, aware of the mission trusted to us, the mission of taking care of the most precious asset: the customers of our customers. With innovation and passion grow your Business with us.


We sustain the development of companies through digital advertising campaigns to acquire new customers, with variable costs. Furthermore, we provide strategic consulting services for digital communication.

  • Qualified and specialised personnel with graphical, content, social and performance marketing skills.
  • Ad hoc ADV campaigns (Google/Meta/LinkedIn/Native/Dem) and generation of quality traffic on Landing Page in order to intercept user personas and ease their conversion in profiled leads.
  • Always new graphics, monitoring of media buying activities, constant feedback aggregation from analytics.

We generate quality B2B appointments, processing either prospects lists provided by the client, acquired through specialised partners, or lead lists that we generate. This is how we help to plan, develop, and monitor the activities of commercial networks.

  • Dedicated team with the ability to surpass filters for campaigns of new business, up&cross selling
  • DB qualification with useful information for marketing purposes and registry profiling (Business Profiling)
  • Elevated redemptions thanks to vertical skills, empathy in the relationship, consulting relationship between prospect and operator


Remote sales is born out of our know-how in the generation of commercial opportunities and in customer experience, with the objective of welcoming and address the new challenges in the world of B2B Sales.

  • Team of “digital salespeople” result-oriented and with a specific knowledge of the market of reference
  • End-to-end management of the entirety of the sales process: from the contacting of the prospects to the acquisition with digitally signed contracts, to post-sales.
  • Use of innovative digital solutions, among which our Unear platform, that can be integrated with CRMs and corporate management systems.

We offer companies a team of resources with specific skills for remote sales of e-commerce products along the customer journey.

  • Optimisation of touchpoints available to the consumer and the punctual and precise management of requests to improve the CX of the purchasing process.
  • Implementation of solutions for the recovery of abandoned carts. Management of returns and complaints and their transformation in new sales.
  • Consolidated expertise in the handling of activities of e-commerce management.

We increase the value of donors, we plan projects in Organisations, with tele fundraising and Donor Care campaigns.
The team specialised in the handling of Donor Management makes of emotional connection and listening skills its success factors.

  • Fundraising team dedicated to tele fundraising campaigns (welcome, retention, cross, acquisition) and the management of daily donor care (supporter service)
  • Experience in the management of live fundraising events (TV, radio, web, DRTV) with flexibility of monitoring
  • Specialised resources in the creation of a trust-based relationship with the donors, communicating with empathy and listening skills.

Post sales

Our core business consists of the handling of Customer Care, the entirety of all support services provided to the customers before, during and after the purchase of a product or service.

  • H24 support through an omnichannel monitoring (call, email, chat, social community management, …) and multisectoral vertical expertise
  • Service design and optimisation of customer care with a consulting and specialised approach
  • Elevated resolution rates at the first level (one contact solution) thanks to highly qualified and certified resources, that handle the relations with customers with an empathic and quality-oriented approach.

We provide support to end-users regarding articulated reports, requests, and claims, for which are employed operators with specific technical skills.

  • Management of first-level tickets with the possibility of escalation of complex issues and particular cases
  • Integration of our systems with troubleshooting applications and client CRMs
  • Resources operational 24/7 with high technical and IT profiles. Real-time monitoring and analysis of data.

Activities that include the taking charge of data entry and paperwork, simple or complex, aimed at the aggregation of information, both on the side of the final user and the company.

  • Optimization of administrative, commercial, and accounting processes
  • Customer friendly paperwork management and in compliance with the Best Practices
  • Centax solution for the efficient management of email accounts: email2db

We make Customer Satisfaction inquiries and Market Research. We manage promotional contests in an integrated and multichannel way, with instant win and/or final extraction modalities.

  • Testing and operational support in the development of surveys and application of interviewing technologies and methodologies (CATI, CAWI, CAMI)
  • End-to-end systems for contests, with possibility of supporting the Customer in the management of promotional practices and the logistics of awards delivery
  • Monitoring of campaigns with web reporting systems and management of the careline in support of the contest.


We specialize in the creation of consultancy projects aimed at identifying specific initiatives, with the goal of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of all customer relationship processes.

Our work consists of:

  • Preliminary analysis of the current framework (Assessment);
  • Identification of the most suitable potential optimization, evolution, and integration initiatives (Service Design).


Large Enterprises recognize the strategic value of providing their customers with prospecting and customer care services characterized by high standards of quality at every touchpoint, aimed at satisfaction and loyalty.

In this context, CX Centax pays special attention to technologies (with a strong orientation towards AI solutions in a Digital Human perspective) and operational procedures that allow optimizing the experience of all the stakeholders involved.


Your customers are your most valuable asset. And ours, too!

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