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Centax brand reputation as a qualified player is based on attention to innovations and new technological opportunities, which allow the creation of customized projects with high added value.

We specialize in business process assessment, aimed at analysing operational and infrastructural requirements, to identify the most suitable solutions for each Customer.

CX Lab therefore is the ideal advisor for companies looking for cutting-edge solutions of CRM, software licensing and system integration.

IT Specialists and qualified Project Managers have been helping our Clients for years to create taylor-made systems, according to Best Practices and trying to balance digital channels with human relationships.

Some Solutions:

Digital Relationship Management

Advanced solution for managing end-to-end digitized processes

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  • Optimizing video interactions with Prospects and Customers
  • Customizing Customer experience, giving very high added value
  • Having an application designed from a Business perspective and not for interpersonal relationships (like Teams, Skype, Zoom, …)
  • Finalizing contract and signing documents remotely with advanced electronic signature
  • Professional tool
  • Totally customizable
  • It can be integrated with customer’s and market leader technologies
  • Dynamic video-meeting landing page, in which the actors can perform various functions (e.g. upload documents, certified signature, CRM consultation and contact history, …)
  • Fast & Easy: does not require the installation of software components

Activity Manager

Time tracking application

  • Monitoring the profitability of your orders
  • Tracking the hours dedicated by each employee on every activity
  • Have a tool that helps you with the accounting
  • Know objectively the results of your business
  • Management software with daily activity forms to be self-filled
  • Customizable modules/blocks as needed
  • Real time reporting
  • User Friendly: smart, simple and web based


Manage your email accounts easily and efficiently

  • Methodical categorization of emails (first level/escalation/offices)
  • Integrating emails (standard or certified) with your CRM
  • Monitoring emails statistics
  • Email classification and different permissions according to the offices
  • Email “state” changing
  • Contact History
  • Response templates personalization to give coherence of communication on every case
  • Custom reporting system for monitoring and analysis


Artificial Intelligence to identify your target

  • More efficient use of your databases
  • Discover and select more targeted potential Customers for a new product/service
  • Tool that uses AI algorithms and machine learning logics to find those with highest purchase potential among Prospects and Customers
  • Analysis and interpretation of information (texts and images) posted on social networks, websites and blogs in real time
  • Pattern construction according to the target
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Up to 80% higher conversion rate


Innovative platform for instant-win contests

  • Customer loyalty with innovative approaches
  • Increased brand awareness with digital call to action systems
  • Engaging you Customers even from home
  • Platform “as a service” for instant-win contests, that can be integrated with CRM software
  • Combined with Omnichannel Contact Center Services
  • End-to-end in-house management
  • Measurability (reporting)
  • Possibility of customizations
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