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We have chosen to invest in people. But why do our collaborators choose us? We firmly believe that to provide an excellent Customer Experience, it is necessary to have an excellent Employee Experience.

  • Periodic surveys on business climate/atmosphere, which allow us to take concrete suggestions on how to improve the work experience at CX.

  • Investing in the best possible work tools, in order to make daily activities easier and more comfortable (soundproofing, professional headphones, dual monitors, …).

  • Our IT specialists have developed an application that allows each of our Agents to self-fill their availability for next week’s shift.

  • Open dialogue with staff, in a dynamic and stimulating environment.


Our sustainable commitment

We have always been sensitive to environmental issues and sustainability, and we have developed a series of small actions that help protect our planet.

What are we actually doing?

  • Since 2018, the energy needed to sustain Centax has come from 100% renewable sources.

  • We update our environmental sustainability certifications (ECOVADIS, SEDEX-SMETA) annually, confirming our ongoing commitment.

  • We aim to raise the awareness of all Centax employees, through an Eco&Green Code of Ethics and adherence to programmes that encourage the responsible dissemination of healthy lifestyles (Work Health Program).

  • With the help of Biorfarm, we created Centax Planet: an orchard of 500 organic trees, each of which has been donated to the people who contribute value to our work every day. The orchard – which absorbs more than 15,000 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere every year – was created and grows thanks to the efforts of small local farmers, thus promoting organic production and Made in Italy.

“Knowing your planet is a step towards protecting it”

Jacques-Yves Cousteau


We have been practicing smartworking since 2017, in order to guarantee the continuity of 24/7 Services.

With the Covid19 emergency occurred in February 2020, we’ve updated the measures envisaged in our Business Continuity Plan, strengthening our GDPR compliant infrastructures (PCs, headphones, tokens, software licenses, …).

Both of our structures (Bergamo and Verona), with a total amount of almost 500 people, including Agents, Operational Accounts, Trainers, Project Managers, IT Specialists and Sales Accounts, now have the possibility to operate 100% remotely if needed, without affecting performance.

We are able to manage more than 30.000 daily interactions while maintaining high quality and protecting the health of our employees and their families.


CX Centax is a Company responsible for data collection, as well as a leader in adopting Best Practices. In particular, we have the following certifications:

ISO 9001:2015 for business process management and provision of Services

ISO 27001: 2018 for information security

PCI – DSS credit card management compliant with IVASS (former Regulation N.6, 2014)

SEDEX – SMETA ethical audit certification for large Companies

ECOVADIS: sustainability rating

Register of Communication Operators (R.O.C.) – N. 2710

WHP for health promotion at work

Ethical Code

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