Business Process Outsourcing


The benefits of outsourcing

We are currently in what economists call “The Age of the Customer” and, to be customer-centric, it is essential for Companies invest in People.

The human aspect is in fact fundamental in modern economics (just think that the last 2 Nobel laureates for Economics are Psychologists) and the new-born concept of emotional intelligence will become increasingly crucial.

In this scenario, the Contact Center has to be considered the most important touchpoint of the entire Customer Experience: relationships with Customers (whether they’re B2B or B2C) must be first of all Human2Human to be effective.

Where bots fail, H2H relationships allow you to recognize and consciously manage emotions and processes.

Therefore, the task of Business Process Outsourcers is to balance digital channels and empathy (Augmented Humanity), in order to help Customers and understand their needs.

Minimizing the costs of Customer Care is not a winning strategy and CX Centax, thanks to its consolidated expertise, innovative technologies and flexibility, has always helped its partners to increase the value of each Customer.

Strengths of a high-quality customer experience

  • Customers of Companies with a qualitative Customer Experience are seven times more likely to return to buy, eight times more likely to try other products or services, and 15 times more likely to spread positive word of mouth. (Forrester, 2017)

  • 86% of shoppers are willing to pay more for a good Customer Experience. (PWC, 2018)

  • By the end of 2020, the Customer Experience will surpass price and product as a key differentiator for brands. (Walker, 2020)

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