[ 10/12/2023 ]

We reveal the essential ingredients for a successful customer relationship in Outbound B2B activities.

CX Centax has always specialized in B2B prospecting activities.

In this context, it is not enough that dedicated resources possess the product/service know-how they propose, but they must necessarily have the ability to overcome filters.

Before reaching decision makers, in fact, it is essential that skilled operators know how to manage the objections of the first interlocutors, who sometimes perceive these interactions as a disturbance.

It is not always easy to find people who are willing to give part of their time to listen to you, considering a physiological initial distrust and the increasingly hectic lives we are living.

This skill can be acquired over time through targeted coaching sessions and on-the-job training.

Here are some ingredients for successful telemarketing.

The essential initial factor is the tone of voice.

A detached and serious tone of voice, hasty and flat, would not help the interlocutor to make himself available to listen. In fact, by calling him, we are interrupting him in some of his activities, for this we must reward him with pleasant elements.

And once we manage to capture his attention, how do we behave?
With empathy: operators must in fact be able to listen to the needs of the user, even the most latent and implicit, communicating adequately to build a relationship of mutual trust.

It is important that people know how to adapt their language and communicative register to that of the interlocutor, always transferring information with clarity, transparency and fairness. To do this, mental flexibility must not be lacking, that is, the ability to react dynamically and creatively to what is happening by finding immediate solutions.

Patience, humility and education cannot be lacking. Some phone calls may be critical, so you should always remain courteous and calm.

Having patience means knowing how to listen much more than would be necessary, even facts and opinions not strictly related to the theme of the phone call, to achieve the final goal: the commercial proposal.

To conclude: a successful relationship is built thanks to a kind, respectful and unobtrusive communication and with a proactive and flexible attitude. A positive experience will generate trust in the company and turn the prospect into a loyal customer.

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